Ellis finds beauty in the irregular, the imperfect and the eroded. On her family farmland incredible pieces of history have been excavated - segments of rings, vessels, knives and swords - ancient parts of history. These objects have informed Ellis’ designs as a huge source of inspiration.  

      Ellis Mhairi Cameron creates sculptural jewelry, inspired by her Scottish heritage. Ellis studied for a BA in Jewelry & Silversmithing at The Glasgow School of Art, before completing an MA in Jewelry Design at Central Saint Martins. Originally from the Highlands of Scotland, Ellis grew up surrounded by the seascape and mountains; places filled with history, that feel primal and beautifully raw. 

      Ellis uses traditional techniques, such as wax carving, casting and hand forging; combining 100% recycled 14K yellow gold and traceable diamonds. At the foundation of her work is a belief in the beauty of imperfection, hand craftsmanship, and to provide clients with jewelry to be handed down through generations.