Rebecca Overmann

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      Rebecca moved to San Francisco in 1995 from Washington D.C. to pursue graphic design and advertising. Five years later her desire for creative expression led her to explore an alternate career path. She began to further develop the metalsmithing skills she had acquired while studying at Savannah College of Art & Design. Her early collections gained esteem at local shows and boutiques propelling her work into a more refined aesthetic. Over the years Rebecca Overmann has become known for specializing in one-of-a-kind pieces, handmade in her San Francisco studio.

      With her signature line of engagement and bridal jewelry, Rebecca allows the materials to speak for themselves. There’s no need for overly ornate details — it’s ultimately about allowing the simple forms and remarkable, hand-selected stones to speak for themselves. Her love for unique gemstones often requires that a ring be designed completely around the stone, making the piece truly one of a kind. With her training as a metalsmith, Rebecca is able to articulate her designs using old-world techniques- always emphasizing the craft. The heirlooms she creates are meant to be worn and cherished every day, ultimately becoming a reflection of the wearer’s own personal style. Each piece of jewelry is fashioned from design to completion in San Francisco.

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