Care & Warranty

Everything in our gallery has been handmade and should be treated with care. Like clothing, jewelry is not impermeable to general wear and tear or accidental damage. Please remove all jewelry when showering, sleeping, and exercising to extend the longevity of your new piece. When given mindful wear, cleaning, and maintenance, many pieces of jewelry can last for generations.

Please contact us at 541-322-8792 or email us at if you have any questions or concerns about the care or maintenance of your jewelry.

Here are some helpful hints regarding care and maintenance:

-Take it off during physical activity, exercise, or outdoor recreational activities where it could get damaged

-Keep it dry. Some stones and settings are also sensitive to moisture. Take care to keep your piece dry, and to store it responsibly out of the elements. Changes in humidity can also affect some stones.

-Some gemstones are sensitive to sunlight, and should not be left exposed in a windowsill, or in direct sunlight.

-Perfumes, soaps, lotions, and sprays can all affect jewelry in a negative way. Be mindful to keep jewelry away from these things to preserve the finish of the stone, or the finish of the metal.

-Prong and pave style settings can easily catch on clothing or get knocked loose with just a little force. Bezel style settings can trap moisture under the stone, or a stone could loosen if hit in the right place. Be mindful and protect your jewelry from damage by making it the first thing you take off, and the last thing you put on.


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